Airfield distribution column DPA

Main features:

  • Total current 600 A.
  • Operation convenience
  • Simple service
  • Reliable and modern electronic component base
  • Modular structure
  • Possibility of modification/adjustment in accordance to the Customer’s needs.
  • Temperature range at operational location: -40°C to 52°C
  • 24-hour operation mode
  • Designed to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements

Airfield electric distribution column is intended for distribution and supplying stationary and mobile ground power units with electric power, during operational forms of aircrafts technical maintenance.

Airfield distribution column is designed as a pillar, installed on the prepared foundation by four anchor bolts. A face panel with control and alarm elements is protected by transparent cover panel, that enables additional environmental protection of control elements.
A flashlight or parking light (optional) is placed on the column’s top. Inputs/outputs for a column remote control can be assembled upon Client’s special request.

A column provides distribution of AC electric power with voltage 320/220V, frequency 50 Hz and protects against overload and short-circuit currents.

Column extra options:


  • remote control system
  • authorised access system
  • each out-and input socket energy consumption system


Technical characteristics:

1. Main technical parameters
1.1 Input type of 3-phase mains cable
1.2 Normal operating mode 24/7
1.3 Operation time at 1,5 overload not less than 2 min
1.4 Grounding type TN-S
1.5 General incoming switch 630 А
1.6 Protection level IP54
2. Operational characteristics:  
2.1 Number of consumers with current load on phase up to 16 А: 2
up to 63 А: 3
up to 160 А: 2
2.2 Load upon customer request within 9 connections with total current 510A
2.3 Unit load current connection 250A
3. Dimensional characteristics:  
3.1 Dimensions, WxHxL, mm 912×1720х683
3.2 Weight, kg 160

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